Meet Ritch

Ritch was court-ordered to attend Triangle Family Services’ DOSE classes after physical abuse charges. He quickly learned that physical abuse led to the charges, but it was nothing in comparison to the mental/emotional abuse that had been inflicted.

Ritch learned that he is the only person who can control his actions and emotions – and that he is solely responsible his response to any situation. He also learned how to have empathy for others and that his problems may not always be the biggest issues.

To resolve conflict in relationships moving forward, Ritch plans to set boundaries for both himself and his partner. He has realized that by making a different decision early in the process, he can avoid a potential negative situation.  He knows understands that respect and truthfulness must be the foundation of his household.

In Ritch’s own words, “Not a one of us wants to be labeled and many of us come into DOSE either labeled by themselves, their partner or society as an abuser. Triangle Family Services refuses to let us keep that label unless we consciously refuse to try. For that, thank you.”