Anger Management

A 13-week program for minimizing stress and anger

Stress and anger are two factors that can precipitate an act of violence towards another person. While anger is a natural emotion, it can get out of control and result in devastating impacts on interpersonal relationships. Unhealthy anger management also has the potential to create workplace and legal issues.


Our Anger Management program is a 12-week psycho-educational program focused on learning behavioral modification techniques in a coed group setting to manage stress and anger, and to minimize the frequency of unhealthy anger responses. Program staff are certified by the National Anger Management Association.


10-11:30 am and 5:30-7pm

5:30 – 7pm

5:30 – 7pm

11am – 12:30pm


1. Walk in at Triangle Family Services’ office location at 3937 Western Boulevard to fill out the required registration paperwork. This must be done in person.

2. If you are court-ordered to take the class, bring your court order.

3. Pay the $70 registration fee that is due at the time of enrollment. This is payable by cash, VISA/Mastercard, or money order.

4. You may elect to pay for all 12 sessions in advance of beginning the program. If you chose to do this, you will receive one class free.

5. Choose the class time that works best for you. Classes meet once per week. A new 12-week program begins every month

6. After turning in your paperwork and fee, you will receive a date to meet with a case manager

7. After meeting your case manager, you will be assigned into a class

8. Attend an orientation session one week before the program begins


  • $70 for enrollment
  • $25 per subsequent class
  • Fees can be paid in full upfront or at each class
  • If you pay in full upfront, you will receive one class free.


Tina, Family Safety Coordinator
919.821.0790 x110

“Thank you for your work on my father to help him control his anger. Now that he knows how to control it he doesn’t yell at us as much as he used to…he is much better so thank you for your work.”

feedback from the daughter of an Anger Management participant