Our Mission: "Building a stronger community by strengthening the family."

Since 1937 Triangle Family Services (TFS) has served as the place to turn for innovative solutions for families facing crisis. TFS accomplishes its mission of “Building a Stronger Community by Strengthening the Family” through its three core program areas: Family Safety, Financial Stability and Mental Health. TFS has been a part of the Triangle community of North Carolina for 80+ years providing data-driven effective programs directly serving thousands of our most vulnerable neighbors.

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Building a stronger community by strengthening the family

Safety net for families in crisis

Integrity: We act in a manner consistent with our words and beliefs
Honesty: We deal with each other in a straightforward manner
Respect: We treat others with care and consideration
Courage: We pursue our beliefs with strength and perseverance
Diversity: We seek, value, and respect differences among our team mates
Balance: We strive for stability and vitality in our lives
Teamwork: We foster an ecosystem that engages staff at all levels in planning and implementation


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