Our Mission: "Building a stronger community by strengthening the family."

Since 1937 Triangle Family Services (TFS) has served as the place to turn for innovative solutions for families facing crisis. TFS accomplishes its mission of “Building a Stronger Community by Strengthening the Family” through its four core program areas: Family Safety, Financial Stability, Mental Health, and Homeless Engagement/Housing Stabilization. TFS has been a part of the Triangle community of North Carolina for 85+ years providing data-driven effective programs directly serving thousands of our most vulnerable neighbors.

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Our Mission, Vision and Values guide every action we take as an agency and as a community leader. We provide wrap-around care to families in crisis, and these values form the foundation for that care.

Pillars of Success

The six pillars of success serve as the structure of our strategic plan. By identifying key initiatives tied to these pillars, we are creating an actionable strategic plan to support the agency, meet the needs of our clients, and encourage growth over the next three to five years. In successfully hitting targets tied to these pillars, we are providing integral support to allow for continued agency fulfillment of its mission.

Agency Tenets

The five agency tenets provide the lens through which we view our strategic plan, and will be referred to often as key initiatives and projects are identified, reviewed and continually assessed/re-prioritized. This is the “skill set” we will use as we guide agency stakeholders through this plan. We need to show strength across all five of these tenets as we proceed down this path, as this will allow us to continue providing top-notch service delivery as an agency and community leader.

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