Building Renovations – Phase 1 & 2 Complete!

Check out our before and after photos

Phase 1 Project Highlights:

  • Wood rot, exterior leaks
  • Awning stained & torn
  • Dated red carpet throughout
  • High allergens & toxins
  • Poor air circulation & quality
  • Fluorescent lights, unstable fixtures
  • Single-pane windows
  • Peeling paint on walls, floorboards
  • Bars on windows erode sense of safety
  • Makeshift front desk security station
  • Old storefront system at main entrance
  • High touch, high use restrooms with numerous plumbing issues

Phase II Project Highlights:

  • TPO split-level roof has leaks, poor flashing, needs full replacement
  • Parking lot has potholes, uneven slope, creating car damage
  • Add automated entry w/handicap access
  • New sump pump
  • Plumbing repairs – replace old galvanized pipes w/PVC
  • Building sealant, expansion joints & caulk
  • Site rails, fencing, concrete
  • Landscaping
  • Safety – security cameras, exterior lights
  • Technology – internet access points, HIPAA compliant server/cloud storage

Special thanks and recognition to the following Facility Task Force Members and TFS Staff for their hard work and dedication to our 2021 Deferred Maintenance Project.  Due to their efforts, we were able to re-open safely and securely for our community and staff.

  • Steve Helper, Project Director
  • Dianne Crawford
  • Nellie Mejia
  • Pete Smith
  • Alice Lutz
  • Michael Sandman
  • Marshall Stein
  • Eric Braun
  • Ed Fritsch
  • Shannon Dixon
  • Lewis Bell LLC, Contractor
  • Vernal Paving
  • Dean & Sesha Debnam